Upcoming: AREA#14 “Childhoods”

Issue Release
Wednesday, April 23 5-8PM
Read/Write Library, 914 N. California

Featuring Contributions by:
Ave Rivera, Oswaldo Gomez, & Ross Floyd; Carrie Kaufman; Laura Sachiko Fugikawa; Rebecca Kling; Nate Marshall; Victoria “Torii” Crider; Cesar Hernandez; Chiara Galimberti with Oona and Florence Winners; Euan Hague and Kathy McGroarty-Torres; Chicago Childcare Collective; Tom Veed; Michael Johnson; Nancy Anderson; Jacob Klippenstein; Tempestt Hazel; Brenda Hernandez; Wade Tillett; Sol, Mom, Jacob & Mohamed; Debbie Southorn; Kristen Atkinson, Mariame Kaba, Jacob Klippenstein, Eva Nagao & Mary Scott-Boria; Lisa L. Angonese; Nikki Zaleski; Nicole Marroquin with Jennifer Klonsky; Bianca Diaz; Amanda Hope; Erica R. Meiners; Ivan Arenas; Moratorium on Deportations Campaign; Rachel Caidor; Chelsea Cossu; Frank Edwards; Anonymous Informant; Gilad Shanan, with Delores Rita, Annie Stone and Christine Harrell; Lewis Wallace and Jane Hereth; Nikki Zaleski with members from Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health’s Youth Leadership Council; and Geoff Hing

We will also be releasing special media projects for the web, by Chelsea Cossu and Francesco De Salvatore with members of the Young Fugitives.

AREA #14 is edited by Rozalinda Borcila, Jacob Klippenstein, Mohamed Mehdi, Sarah Mendelsohn, Hannah Baptiste, Erica Meiners, and designed by Kimberly Le.

Click on News for updates and event announcements; the Blog will collect contributions from the archives and report-backs on current events; and Projects gathers together several special projects we will be working on over the next few months, including a people’s visual archive of Chicago inviting you to submit images and short videos of how you see the city defining, including or excluding “kids”.

If you are a past contributor to AREA, consider becoming a project adviser, and see the About section for other ways you can become involved.