AREA Chicago is the result of the labor and energy of over 300 people throughout Chicago. AREA has a basic structure and a flexible set of working relationships that change depending on what publication or event is being developed, on special projects we might undertake and so on. Always guiding the project and giving it life, are the AREA  advisors and the many  contributors to the publications and events.  Outlined below are some of the specific groups and individuals that make the whole project work. In addition, please see the editorial team for each of the print publications.

AREA Advisors

The Advisory Group meets 4x per year for and also for a day-long retreat to brainstorm, plan and reflect on the work of the organization.

Current Advisors: Sarah Jane Rhee, Sherry Williams, Claudia Garcia-Rojas, Rozalinda Borcila, Gabrielle Toth,  Rachel Wallis, Frank Edwards,  Sam Barnett, Robin Hewlett, Jerome Grand, Rebecca Zorach, Jayne Hileman,  Martin Macias, Elise Zelekowski, Anne Dodge, Mohamed Medhi, Mecca Brooks, Phillis Humphries

Past Advisors: Annie Knepler, Jim Duignan, Amanda Guiterrez, Micah Maidenberg, Salem Collo-Julin, Martha Boyd, Laurie Palmer, Emily Forman, Tammy Ko Robinson, Demetrio Maguigad, Michelle Vannatta, Brett Bloom, Dan S. Wang, Kristen Cox, Claire Pentecost, Alex Blanchette, Lisa Sousa, Aaron Sarver, Cassie Fennel, Nance Klehm, Erica Meiners, Karen Reyes, Eric Triantafillou, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Lisa Lee, Dakota Brown, Beth Gutelius, Charles Vinz, David Marques, David Omotoso Stovall, Ryan Hollon, Daniel Tucker, Lee Ann Norman, Ashley Weger, Therese Quinn, n. sol ireri unzueta carrasco, Mairead Case, Dave Pabellon, Prudence Browne, Isaac Steiner, Abigail Satinsky

AREA Advisory Council

A small group, elected from among the Advisors, that meets very often!! Council facilitates the working processes internal to the AREA community, helping to coordinate and also to support the various efforts of advisors, working groups, editors and contributors.

Current Advisory Council:  Jayne Hileman, Rozalinda Borcila


Three CORE positions, meeting every week and monthly with the Council. COREdinators provide support and attend to the ongoing needs of the organization and its various publishing efforts. These three roles are Web and Social Media CORE (Muindi Fanuel Muindi), People CORE (Samuel Barnett) and Finance CORE (Gabrielle Toth).

Fiscal Sponsor

Experimental Station