AREA #14 discussion/reading at Blackstone Library

AREA Chicago and Friends of Blackstone Library present

Writing Children
January 22, at 6:00 PM
Blackstone Library, 4904 S. Lake Park Ave

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To explore the politics of being a child, AREA invites you to consider writing about childhood as a political project. Contributors to our forthcoming Issue #14: KIDS! will read from their articles, and reflect on fundamental questions their projects have raised. How can we write about children, and how can we write with them? What roles are cast for children –as others, counterparts, recipients, or ingénues—by differing approaches to capturing their voices? How do the ways that we write children reflect, propel, or resist broader societal understandings of what childhood is, and of who is considered a child?


Chiara Galimberti, a Chicago-based artist and teacher, will read from an interview with her twin daughters reflecting on poverty and education injustice in Chicago.

Nicole Marroquin teaches at the School of the Art Institute. Her reading is based on a piece she wrote with her students during a course called Collaboration as a Social Force.

Jake Klippenstein, a member of Chicago Childcare Collective, will read from a text in which adult participants reflect on an eight-week social justice reading club for young children (ages 7-10), and try to include reflections from child participants in their text.

Facilitators: Mohamed Mehdi is a writer, musician and a faculty member in Philosophy at Oakton Community College. Sarah Mendelsohn is a Chicago-based artist who also works at the Smart Museum of Art

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