AREA #15 Media

AREA #15 is proud to feature a collection of media and online content.

Forty Acres and Beyond: – Black Communities, Food Sovereignty and Climate Change

“Raise Awareness and a Garden – Part 2” was a panel discussion organized and facilitated by Eric Kofi Xola Malone and the Chicago Wisdom Project in April 2015, at the South Side Food Forest on Chicago’s South Side. It was a follow-up to a similar event organized the year before, to deepen the public discussion around food sovereignty, land use, Black farmers and climate change. Panelists included: Diallo Kenyatta (Empowering Youth Through Travel/Bloom Cooperative Enterprises), Safia Rashid (Your Bountiful Harvest), Theodore Richards (Wisdom Project), Michael Tekhen (Healthy Food Hub), Gregory Bratton (Gregory Urban Farming, I Grow Chicago), Kenya Vera Sample and Julian Sample (Soilutions). AREA #15: Healing and Repair contains an excerpted transcript of this panel discussion. Here is a full video documentation.

How to Stop First Responders from Killing US? A Community Forum on Stephon’s Law

In January 2015, Access Living hosted a community forum with Danelene Powell-Watts, mother of Stephon Watts, a disabled 15-year-old Black child who was killed by police officers in his home.  The print issue of AREA #15 contains an a transcript of a portion of this forum. Here we include a full, unedited recording of the forum in its entirety. Our gratitude to the facilitators, panelists and participants in the forum.

“What about in a situation where we are in community with each other and something breaks out and the police shows up? With us, within that situation, all of us, and they wanted to figure out how to calm the situation down? What if I had a disability where calm just didn’t work for me? Like I would be moving around, and doing all type of things, and to them that poses a harm, but for me, that’s just my natural reaction? If they didn’t know, how would they respond? [Audience: Badly]. Badly, like what? They would treat me like I was bad? [Audience: With violence] ”


Mothers’ March for Absolute Justice

Panzy Edwards called for an evening protest on Mother’s Day, Saturday May 9, 2015 at 6PM at the intersection of E 67th St and S Indiana Ave. This is the site where Panzy’s 15 year old son, Dakota Bright, was executed by the Chicago Police Department. The demands of the march included: Dismantle the Chicago Police Department—No Cop Zones in our communities; reparations for all victims of state sponsored police violence; a Civilian Police Accountability Council— can we fight to dismantle the entire Chicago Police Department while at the same time push for civilian oversight of Police Districts?


Whole Lotta Love

A story about how the death of John Vietnam spurred a movement of hungry young artists, seeking to reimagine a better world though hip-hop.

Produced by Francesco De Salvatore
Music by Mo Beats, John Vietnam, Elephant Rebellion, and Francesco De Salvatore