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Selected Publications on the 40th Anniversary of 1968
Artforum (May 2008) “May ‘68”
Prospect (May 2008 – Online) “1968: Liberty Or Its Illusion?” (A Symposium in 4 parts)
Dissent (Spring 2008) “1968: Lessons Learned” (A Symposium)
L’Europeo (February 2008) “1968: A year of a thousand faces”
BBC radio 4 “1968: Myth or Reality?”
Charta (January 2008) http://www.

Selected International Anniversary Events:
Memories of 1968: International Perspectives (April 2008 – University of Leeds, UK)
1968: A Global Perspective
(U of Texas-Austin – October 2008)
Turning Point 1968, A Film Festival (Queens University Belfast UK – October 2008)
What’s Left of the Latin American Left? (U of Texas-Austin – April 2008)
1968 In The Global South (St. John’s University, New York City – November 2008)
1968 Documentary Series
(Indiana University – Fall 2008)
68/89 – Theatre.Era.History  (Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – Ongoing)
1968 Year Long Series (Brecht Forum, New York City)
After 1968: Contemporary Artists and the Civil Rights Legacy (High Museum, Atlanta – June-October 2008)
All Power To The Imagination: 1968 and its Legacies (London UK -2008)
Left Forum featured track on 1968 (New York City – March 2008)
1968 and All That / Be Realistic! Demand the Impossible! (London UK – May 2008)
Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures from 1960s to Now
(Exit Art, New York City – Fall 2008)
1968: Then and Now Exhibition (Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York City – Fall 2008)
See following page for Chicago 1968 Events in AREA’s 68/08 Project Overview.