Get Involved

AREA Chicago is the result of the labor and energy of over 300 people throughout Chicago. AREA has a basic structure and a flexible set of working relationships that change depending on what publication or event is being developed, on special projects we might undertake and so on. We are currently seeking self-nominations for new advisers and volunteers.
Become an AREA Adviser. If you are a past contributor to AREA, we invite you to consider joining our Advisory Board. Advisers help to direct the project, to envision what it can become and how it may be relevant to various communities and publics throughout the city; they attend 3 meetings per year, and more if they wish, as well as participating in a day-long retreat. Advisers also become involved in one of the working groups below.
Become an AREA volunteer or intern. If you are new to the project please consider volunteering with us to learn what we do and get to know us. We all have abilities and talents to contribute — and also many things to learn by working together.

The following are the work groups at the moment.

  • editorial team: work with contributors, solicit new material, conduct interviews, copyedit and/or proofing. Attend three editorial meetings (September, November, January) and more if you desire.
  • events team – support the series of events, participate in outreach and in creating interesting, welcoming and provocative events
  • fundraising, grassroots style

Additionally, we are always seeking people interested in the following:

  • social media – are you a social media geek who loves AREA? We are looking for new advisers for tweeting, Facebook presence and other ways of using social media to engage different communities and audiences
  • distribution team — this means table-ing at 1-3 events per year, taking AREA to various sites around the city
  • interview team – people with media skills and equipment who want to work with our editors for video/audio interviews and special projects documentation.
  • technical skills always appreciated: copyediting, proofing, transcription and also archiving past issues on the website; website maintenance and tweaking (WordPress platform)