Introducing: Seed Archive

The Seed Archive: A public archive of healthy seeds collected from many places and people

The seed archive is housed in Chicago. The seed archive is particularly interested in seed that is food or medicinal, habitat building, shade creating and soil building. The archive only accepts, stores and loans viable, well-identified seeds.

Seeds are alive.

They need to be carefully stored in order to remain healthy and assure their germination. The seeds also need to be well identified and labeled . Seed is loaned for free to those who are committed to growing them, enjoying them and returning some of the next generation of seed back to store at the seed archive.   Some seed is in smaller quantities and needs to be grown out from year to year to increase its supply. If you are interested in being a grower, please get in touch.

There are four yearly opportunities to directly interact with and contribute to the archive known as ‘swap n’ store’ days.

2006 seed archive ‘swap n’ store’:

Mar 26th    (sun)               12 – 3pm Mess Hall 6932 North Glenwood Avenue (

Apr 3rd    (sun)             12 – 3pm 2446 south sawyer

June 25th   (sun)             12 – 3pm 2446 south sawyer

Sept 24th   (sun)             12 – 3pm 2446 south sawyer

What to bring to a ‘swap and store’:

- Healthy seeds to swap and/or store with the archive

- Food and stories to share with others

- Questions/ideas about seed collecting, saving, storing or growing

The seed archive is always open to you.   If seed needs to be posted or swapped with someone who is not local, basic postage needs to be covered. Seed contributions/inquiries/requests at all other times can be addressed to:

Salvation Jane | The seed archive | 2446 south sawyer avenue | Chicago, IL 60623