Looking For Greens

One day I decided I wanted to eat something healthy and I thought greens would be perfect because they were healthy for cleaning negative particles out of my body. So I started on a horrible journey from one store to the next, about eight stores to be exact. I went from California and Jackson past Pulaski and Madison. I was getting very angry. I couldn’t understand why there weren’t any fresh vegetables in these stores. Was it because it was a predominantly Black area, or was it because the community didn’t care enough to demand that the stores supply the essential goods they needed? I couldn¹t believe it. I finally did get the greens from a very dumpy and very smelly little store right off Pulaski. This is a shame, I thought. I came from a community where you could get fresh vegetables at almost every corner store, and it was predominantly Black. The question arose in my mind again: Why? What’s the difference?