Call for Proposals AREA #15: Healing

Deadline has been extended until January 15!

Issue #15 of AREA Chicago will focus on how community-based practices are redefining our understanding of healing and care. We consider this topic broadly: from exploring experiences of oppression and resistance, to understanding generational trauma and systemic harms, to rethinking our understandings of violence, health, self-defense, restitution and resiliency. We invite contributions with a Chicago focus and with a commitment to learning from grassroots practices and non-dominant perspectives.

Topics might include:
- exploring structural factors that create dependencies on market models of health care — such as the privatization of land, medicines and traditional knowledges;
- the intersections of health care access, racial and economic justice
- decarceration and de-institutionalization from a disability rights perspective
- movement-based understandings of trauma, violence and harm reduction
- transformative justice, healing justice and community self-care
- reproductive rights and reproductive labor
- alternatives to the “humanitarian” framework for harm reduction
- stigmatizing and pathologizing poverty
- food systems and food sovereignty organizing; city to region relationships and interdependencies;
- interspecies perspectives; the health of soil and water, microbial communities;
- ecology and climate catastrophe; energy descent;

… and many others!

We accept submissions in the form of small essays, interviews, transcripts from community events, report-backs, creative writing and visual/media works. Please send us your ideas and proposals!

Deadline for proposals is December 30, 2014. To submit a proposal please click here

You can also contact us to discuss your ideas!  Please email