Sneak Peek: AREA #13 Table of Contents

Please join us to launch AREA Chicago Issue #13: Home Fronts, Housing Struggles

Thursday, April 4 at the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, 800 S Halsted St., Chicago

5-6 PM Museum open hours and special tours of “Unfinished Business: Home Economics in the 21st Century”
6-7:30 PM Issue #13 readings and celebration

Issue includes photographic work by Jason Reblando, Sarah Jane Rhee and Crystal Vance Guerra.

Table of Contents:

Section I. Housing Histories

Are we who we are regardless of where we lay our heads? Selections from the Neighborhood Writing Alliance
By NWA Authors, curated by Hollen Reischer
Pieces by Guy, Clements, Bowie, and House originally published in “Lost in Darkness: JOT Writers on Housing and Homelessness,” Journal of Ordinary Thought, Spring 2002. Pieces by Hall and McNair originally published in “I Am Here,” Journal of Ordinary Thought, Fall 2011. Klinger piece originally published in “The Open Gate: JOT Writers’ Visions of Freedom and Liberation,” Journal of Ordinary Thought, Spring 2012.

Chicago’s Other 1968 Black Struggles for Housing Justice
By Keeanga-Yahmatta Taylor

Home Economics An exhibition takes on the surprising feminist history of household science and brings attention to present-day domestic labor
By Heather Radke

The Battle for Uptown Unique housing history of a North Side neighborhood
By Alison Fisher

From the Archives: Housing is a Queer Issue How Queer to the Left took on gentrification in Uptown

From the Archives: Red Lines and Death Vows Documents from the history of American housing finance
By Damon Rich

WWII Veterans’ Housing in West Ridge, 1946-1947
By Larry Shure

Section II. The CHA

Tower in the Park Was the high-rise project as we knew it actually inevitable?
By Alison Fisher

Gautreaux v. Urban Renewal Documenting a key legal case in the history of public housing
By Damon Rich

Housing and the Cultural Politics of Mixed-Income Schools Challenging the “deconcentration” consensus
By Pauline Lipman

Saving the Lathrop Homes The fight to preserve public housing on the northwest side
By Mary Pattillo

CHAos Revisited Q & A on a political art intervention
By CHAos Agents

What’s Gentrification Got to Do With It? An interview with Deborah Taylor
By Phillis Humphries

Driving By The CHA Residents and Former Residents Telling Their Stories
by Ingrid Halftel, Kelly Humrichouser, and Bert Stabler

Section III. Gentrification in Pilsen

Puppies Out of Pilsen A day without public art in a “vibrant” neighborhood
Nicole Marroquin

“We’re Cultural Workers” José Guerrero and the Pilsen Mural Tour
by Nyki Salinas Duda

Students and Sit-ins at Whittier Elementary School Housing gentrification, school enrollments, and a grassroots battleground
by Winifred Curran and Euan Hague

Housing Development and Community Destabilization in Pilsen How development agendas destroy housing options and dismantle the fabric of the neighborhood
by Euan Hague and Winifred Curran

Crowdfunding Affordable Housing Preservation Owning and managing rental property as a social enterprise
by Mark Walden

Section IV. Notes from the Current Crises

Stories of Struggle Foreclosure and Eviction in Chicago
By Merlene Robinson-Parsons, Maria Dolores, Gloria Harris, Virginia Morales, Vicente Gutierrez, Mary Bonelli, Marcia Iza, Silvia Baca, Yesenia Tellez, Patricia Hill, Kim Scardina, Patricia Scardina, John Newman, Victoria Rivera, and Keosha Cummings

“The Work That Makes All Work Possible” Organizing for basic labor rights for household workers
By The Chicago Coalition of Household Workers with Heather Radke

Affordable, Accessible, Integrated Housing For All Strategies in the fight for disability rights
by Adam Ballard

Development and Displacement in South Chicago The new downtown and the same old story
By Crystal Guerra

Housing Struggles in Immigrant Communities Fighting the banks and finding solutions with the Centro Autonomo
By Tom Hansen

The New Housing Boom “Secure” housing of immigrants
by Rozalinda Borcila and Daniel Carrillo

No Borders, No Cages! Walking to Crete for Justice
By José G. Herrera Soto

Section V. Making it Work

The Value of Living in a Co-operative Community Making the case for co-ops
By David Nekimken

Co-operative Living as Path to Revolutionary Parenting Sidestepping government and market-based childcare
By Jennie Rudderham & Jasson Perez

Floating Clearing
by Basia Toczydlowska

Undocumented Renters Finding a “paperless” lease
By Nyki Salinas Duda

“We Can Only Be Human Together” A reflection on providing hospitality
By Marie Shebeck

A Home Beyond Nursing Homes The advantages of home and community-based services
By Jake Norris

First Things First The Housing First and Harm Reduction models in services for the homeless
By Loren A. Seeger

St. Leonard’s House Housing as an Anti-Recidivism Strategy
By Jesse Proudfoot

Introducing: CivicLab and the TIF Illumination Project
By Tom Tresser

Introducing: Ocupados/Occupations and Tent Cities
By Jayne Hileman

Introducing: 6018north
By Tricia van Eck

Introducing: The Emmett Till House A wish for West Woodlawn
By Phillis Humphries

Introducing: The South Side Chicago Freedom School

Introducing: The Black Cinema House
By Michael W. Phillips, Jr.