Summer-Fall 2013: Developing AREA #14 “Kids!”

AREA Chicago is a community publication that supports Chicago-based social justice practices and struggles. We are currently developing our next issue, which will be called  “Kids!”.  We want to explore the social, political and cultural dimension of this topic. How does our society define what it means to be a child, who counts as a child and who does not?  How do kids participate in the world in general, in social justice struggles in particular? What does it mean to be growing up in Chicago? We want to see how children and adults come together to challenge and re-imagine ideas of “child” and childhood as a basis for  to building more just communities and relationships.

Over the next few months we will be organizing events, community discussions and special projects — and we want to hear from you! To submit a contribution for the print or web publications, please see the call for entries here.