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Nov 02

Protecting Children? Race and Child Welfare in the United States

By Frank Edwards — A previous version of this piece appeared on   The American Child Welfare system is characterized by significant and durable patterns of racial disparity. While the character of these disparities has changed over time, African-American and First Nations families in particular still experience dramatically higher rates of intervention than do white families. There isn’t […]

Do it for the Children! Notes for a Counter-Narrative

By Moratorium on Deportations Campaign — Across the political spectrum, people are talking about the “illegal immigration” crisis and about Immigration Reform as the best possible “solution.” But these debates do not challenge the root causes of forced migration, and do not consider how or why migration has become so criminalized. Instead, the debates center on the supposed need for a […]


Dead or Alive? Women-and-Kids

By Erica Meiners — In November 2013, Erik Muñoz found his partner Marlise collapsed on their kitchen floor. After arriving at the John Peter Smith Hospital she was declared dead, but since she was fourteen weeks pregnant the Texas hospital refused to remove her from any “life sustaining” measures. The health of her fetus superseded her advanced life directives […]

Oct 16

What Children Learn When They Are Held in from Recess. Every day.

By Wade Tillet — “Why don’t we have recess?” my students would often ask me during my six-year stint as a Chicago Public Schools teacher. “Why don’t we have recess?” my own children would often ask me during my five-year stint as a Chicago Public School parent. Well, like any teacher unable to answer a question, I asked the […]

pencil rubbing by Jacob Klippenstein
Oct 14

No Children Allowed

By Jacob Klippenstein — When I was at the Cook County Criminal Courts (2650 S California Ave) I saw signs on a couple of the courtrooms. I noticed them first outside Room 307 when I heard a child reading line by line, “No children… allowed… in the… courtroom.”  Since phones and cameras are now banned from the courthouse, I […]

American Families United

By Euan Hague with Kathy McGroarty-Torres — Euan Hague interviews American Families United (AFU) president Kathy McGroarty-Torres about the impact on children of having one parent trapped in immigration limbo. Euan Hague (EH): Why did you get involved with American Families United? Kathy McGroarty-Torres (KM): My husband and I got married eleven years ago. Ten years ago, the US government rejected my […]

Gender Matters zine

You Win Some: An Excerpt from Gender Matters

By Rebecca Kling — This story is from a zine titled Gender Matters that is compiled by Carrie Colpitts. Here’s a short explanation about Gender Matters from Carrie: “It’s a collection of writings from trans/gender-fluid folks focusing on adolescence, growing up and transitioning. The idea to put it together came when one of my students asked for an extra copy […]

Whose Kid is She? Adoption, Culture, and the Indian Child Welfare Act

By Laura Sachiko Fugikawa —  In 2013 the politics of adoption were front and center. Melissa Harris-Perry’s “What’s So Funny About 2013?” segment that poked fun at Mitt Romney’s Black adopted grandson and the launch of Land of a Gazillion Adoptees magazine exploded the myth that adoption is a private individual or family issue. But it was the Baby Veronica […]

Jan 08

Position on Renaissance 2010

By Teachers for Social Justice — Text Originally from, January 6, 2005 Teachers for Social Justice is a network of Chicago area teachers committed to critical, anti-racist, multicultural, participatory, democratic education. We believe that real school improvement requires the full participation of those with the most stake in high quality public education for all students –families, students, community members, and […]

Fight or Walk

By Midwest Unrest — The purpose of this article is to help us discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our fare strike campaign in Chicago, as well as to help groups in other cities who want to organize around transit issues. When we first decided to do this campaign, there wasn’t much to read on how other people had […]

Community Land Trust

By Martha Boyd — On December 1, 2005 Mayor Daley announced that the City would be initiating a “Community Land Trust” (CLT) initiative to secure affordable housing for Chicago residents. Below are notes and questions relating to this news as well as the official press release announcing the Land Trust. 1. A succinct summary and questions I had written […]