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Nov 02

Dead or Alive? Women-and-Kids

By Erica Meiners — In November 2013, Erik Muñoz found his partner Marlise collapsed on their kitchen floor. After arriving at the John Peter Smith Hospital she was declared dead, but since she was fourteen weeks pregnant the Texas hospital refused to remove her from any “life sustaining” measures. The health of her fetus superseded her advanced life directives […]

Oct 14

“mama says”

By Nate Marshall

Jan 08

Community Referrals

By Kristen Cox — David Buchanan and Monica Avery met in 2001 through the Stone Soup Cooperative on the North side in Chicago. David is Head Physician in the Social Medicine Department at Cook County Hospital, and Monica is a community organizer. Both are committed to working for social justice. Monica joined David this summer to help him with […]

Urban Foraging

By Salvation Jane — Early- to mid-spring is a time of intense stimulation. The earth is wet and muddy and seeds and animals are emerging. Our bodies need to let our internal rivers move too. A lot of the naturalized plants (aka weeds) in this city are really good for our digestive organs. Here’s a simple recipe to get […]

Coercive Consumption

By Claire Pentecost — In October 2005, the Metro Chicago Information Center (MCIC)* published a study mapping the distribution of major player supermarkets in Chicago, against the racial and economic patterns of the city neighborhoods. Not surprisingly, the neighborhoods with a majority of black and poor residents had few if any major player grocery stores. On the other hand, […]

Looking For Greens

By Nancy Thomas — One day I decided I wanted to eat something healthy and I thought greens would be perfect because they were healthy for cleaning negative particles out of my body. So I started on a horrible journey from one store to the next, about eight stores to be exact. I went from California and Jackson past […]

Inheriting the Grid #2

By Daniel Tucker — Our scale determines our goals. At the recent international meeting of the Peoples Global Action (PGA) alternative globalization network in Haridwar (India), there was an explicit call for pga-affiliated groups to literally map themselves on the globe. Articulating the scale of its own organization and the various relationships to local contexts across the globe, the […]

Six Fragments from “The Thrill is Gone”

By Mary Patten — Originally published as a full text in The Passionate Camera, edited by Deborah Bright, Routledge 1998 one It is now a truism, cited by men and women alike, that had it been lesbians instead of gay men who were struck down in such numbers by this plague, the same degree of solidarity from “our brothers” […]

Solidarity and Its Fracturing in ACT-Up

By Debbie Gould — Lately Ive been thinking about the internal conflicts that exploded in the street aids activist movement, act up, and trying to make sense of the role they played in the demise of the movement in the early 1990s. The story is comple explore this topic in great detail in a book Im writing about aids […]

How Chicago’s Community of Doulas Is Making it Work

By Bonnie Fortune — The word doula is one you probably aren’t familiar with. It is a Greek word originally meaning “servant”, but is now most often defined as a woman supporting another woman through labor and the postpartum period. Being a doula is a relatively new profession, first appearing in the US in the 1960s and gaining in […]