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Jun 21

Where We Are Living Now. Inheriting the Grid #13

By Rebecca Zorach — Could we imagine a broader, more diverse, more ambitious set of visions for the future? What we have here is a start. But it’s up to you—up to all of us—to keep enriching it with new ideas and new possibilities to make something different of the places where we live.

Jan 08

View From The Ground

By Daniel Tucker — 07/11/05 AREA Please introduce The View From The Ground project and provide some background on how it has functioned. Jamie The View grew out of a particular history, a particular set of relationships, a particular place and time. Throughout the 90′s, I was deeply engaged in the life of the Stateway Gardens public housing development. […]

CHAos Creates Change

By Micah Maidenberg — In late May, a group of Chicago artists hijacked an advertising campaign sponsored by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and turned it back on the city as a vehicle for a biting critique of the CHA’s controversial Plan for Transformation. The artists turned the housing authority’s “CHAnge” campaign into “CHAos.” The Plan for Transformation, now […]

Community Land Trust

By Martha Boyd — On December 1, 2005 Mayor Daley announced that the City would be initiating a “Community Land Trust” (CLT) initiative to secure affordable housing for Chicago residents. Below are notes and questions relating to this news as well as the official press release announcing the Land Trust. 1. A succinct summary and questions I had written […]

The Chicago Street Art Archive: Vanish Portfolio

By Jamie Kalven — The Plan for Transformation–Chicago’s demolition of its high-rise public housing–has erased the writing on the walls.  The high-rises were texts.   Unless recently painted over by the housing authority, every available surface–hallways, stairwells, elevators–was animated by graffiti.   It was a mixed bag, including boy-girl stuff (some sentimental, some carnal), gang tagging, religious affirmations and […]

Downtown Decentered

By Faith Agostinone Wilson — The images and visuals used within this curriculum unit focus on Waukegan, Illinois, a city of 88,000 people located on the shores of Lake Michigan, 40 miles north of Chicago. However, it is hoped that area educators, activists, and artists will collaborate on similar visual sociologies within their own neighborhoods and communities in the Chicago […]

Introducing: Student Tenant Organizing Project

By Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle — “Let us in to see the plans they’re rolling out for our community!” says Marie Goodwin, an elderly poet and Woodlawn tenant, standing at the entrance to the Hilton Hotel downtown on a hot July day. “U of C is Exclusionary” reads a sign held by a University of Chicago student next to her in […]

The Speculative Landscape: Signs of the Times

By Jason Reblando — Chicago has always been in a constant state of flux. With the interest in the renewal of urban living in the last decade, the city is attempting to beautify areas it considers to be blighted, and is pouring resources into building luxury condominiums in every corner of the city, resulting in real estate speculation and […]