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Nov 02

Do it for the Children! Notes for a Counter-Narrative

By Moratorium on Deportations Campaign — Across the political spectrum, people are talking about the “illegal immigration” crisis and about Immigration Reform as the best possible “solution.” But these debates do not challenge the root causes of forced migration, and do not consider how or why migration has become so criminalized. Instead, the debates center on the supposed need for a […]

Captivity as Service? Interview About Detention Centers for Undocumented Children

By AREA — A short piece about the intersection of the detention/prison industrial complex with the nonprofit industrial complex. Undocumented children are being incarcerated in increasing numbers, and often in adult facilities where they face extreme and brutal conditions. There is an urgent need to get these children released from the grip of Homeland Security. And yet the case of children detained as "unaccompanied minors" illustrates some of the contradictions: in order to ameliorate conditions for detained children, nonprofits become funded to administer their captivity. In this and many other ways, the sphere of advocacy becomes complicit with, and financially co-interested in, the very structures it is supposedly working against.

Oct 14

American Families United

By Euan Hague with Kathy McGroarty-Torres — Euan Hague interviews American Families United (AFU) president Kathy McGroarty-Torres about the impact on children of having one parent trapped in immigration limbo. Euan Hague (EH): Why did you get involved with American Families United? Kathy McGroarty-Torres (KM): My husband and I got married eleven years ago. Ten years ago, the US government rejected my […]

Jul 23

A dialogue with Calles y Sueños’ artistic director: Christina Obregón

By Claudia García-Rojas — From  Pilsen, Chicago to Juchitán, Mexico,  we talk about how  Calles y Sueños (CYS) serves as a crossroads for cultural hopscotch, but also as an intersection for geography, language, art, space and economics.

Notes from a Conversation: Migrant Paths of Latin Guitar

By Iván Resendiz with Mónica Díaz Terrazas — The 1st Latin American Guitar Festival Chicago took place in December 2011 in Pilsen. It offered recitals, lectures, master classes and workshops for people interested in Latin American music. The idea to create a Latin American guitar festival is born out of the commitment to inspire art and culture in the Latino immigrant community and […]


PROXIMAL DISTANCE: reflections on process and proximity

By Caitlin Gianniny and Cathy Alva Mooses — Proximal of the body or the point of attachment. from the Latin proximus – ‘nearest’ + al. 2. v. (trans.) to make someone or something remote or far off in position or nature, to distance one self. from the Latin distare – dis- ‘apart’ + stare ‘stand.’ Distance adj. situated nearer to the center of […]

Jan 08

On the Latino Union: An interview with Eric Rodriguez

By Daniel Tucker & Eric Rodriquez — In July AREA Chicago interviewed Eric Rodriguez, an organizer on the Northwest side in Albany Park with Latino Union’s worker center at 3416 W. Bryn Mawr. Can you describe the process of how LU spreads information both internally and externally about a new challenges or policies? How does that internal spreading of information then develop […]

Coming Out of the Shadows

By Alaa Mukahhal — Español Photo by Sarah Jane Rhee n. sol ireri unzueta carrasco, Immigrant Youth Justice League On March 10th, 2011 nine undocumented youth and one ally, representing organizations from across the Chicago area, came out in support of undocumented youth and told their stories in front of a crowd of hundreds. Coming out as undocumented is […]