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Oct 16

A Conversation with Sol

By Sol, Mom, Jacob Klippenstein & Mohamed Mehdi — My daughter Sol is a lively eight year old who is navigating third grade. She attends a wonderful neighborhood public school in Chicago. Two AREA editors, Jacob Klippenstein and Mohamed Mehdi, and I sat down for a conversation with her. We have changed the names of the kids and teacher mentioned in this story, and hope it […]

Oct 14

Children as Part of Our Social Movements

By Nancy Anderson — I approach this article as a parent, comparing the drastic differences among organizing spaces and their reaction to my child’s presence, ranging from disapproval to tolerance to welcoming. Participation that once was accessible to me suddenly became elusive once my daughter was born. Parents, grandparents and caregivers may find themselves in a similar situation with […]

Jan 08

Neoliberal Appetites

By Brian Holmes — I’d like to begin this text with a little anecdote. Recently, I spent some time in New York City. Having lived outside the US for some fifteen years now, one of the things you wonder about when you come back—one of the little anxieties—is “what exactly am I gonna eat?” The food system in Europe […]

Thoughts on Solidarity

By Mary Patten — Depending on who you’re talking to, forms and expressions of solidarity include the general strike, the hunger strike, the die-in, and the march; the human billboard, the mask, the wheat-pasted poster and the stencil; the refusal to testify before a grand jury; flowers at the site of disasters, the giving of blood, the writing of […]

Inheriting the Grid #2

By Daniel Tucker — Our scale determines our goals. At the recent international meeting of the Peoples Global Action (PGA) alternative globalization network in Haridwar (India), there was an explicit call for pga-affiliated groups to literally map themselves on the globe. Articulating the scale of its own organization and the various relationships to local contexts across the globe, the […]

Practicing Solidarity

By Christopher Hayes — As the summer war between Israel and Lebanon threatened to spiral out of control, a rarely-used word began to wend its way into news accounts and editorials: solidarity. Groups from Orange County, CA, to St. Louis, held “solidarity vigils” in support of Israel, while Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert praised the “spirit of solidarity of […]

Nicaragua Solidarity Committee

By Daniel Tucker — In 1979, when the Nicaragua Solidarity Committee of Chicago (nscc) was first organized to build popular movements around the struggles in Nicaragua, what kinds of organizations evolved doing similar work in Chicago? In addition to the nscc, there was Citizens in Solidarity with the people of El Salvador; there was also Pastors for Peace here […]

Mexico Solidarity Network

By Ryan Hollon — We—activists, organizers, and aspiring movement builders—have been taught that creating positive social change means responding to the political possibilities and limitations of our context. While this is perhaps inevitable, the Mexico Solidarity Network (msn) believes we must also challenge the ways these possibilities and limitations are created. The following interview with Tom Hansen, co-founder and […]

Solidarity Stories

By Anonymous — I’m a teacher, so mostly what I do is to make students feel aspirational anxiety about what’s valuable about them. This situation can’t be good for anyone. So I’ve developed a thing to say in class about what it means to see a classroom as a solidaristic space. I say, I could lecture you via […]

On the Latino Union: An interview with Eric Rodriguez

By Daniel Tucker & Eric Rodriquez — In July AREA Chicago interviewed Eric Rodriguez, an organizer on the Northwest side in Albany Park with Latino Union’s worker center at 3416 W. Bryn Mawr. Can you describe the process of how LU spreads information both internally and externally about a new challenges or policies? How does that internal spreading of information then develop […]