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Nov 03

Given and Chosen: Talking to Family About Sexuality

By Nikki Zaleski with members from Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health's Youth Leadership Council — Participatory Action Research on Family-Supported Conversations About Sexuality From October 2012 through June 2013, youth at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) set out to expand dominant notions of family to better address their sexuality-related needs. ICAH’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) conducted a Participatory Action Research study focusing on family-supported conversations about sexual health, rights, and identities. ICAH […]

Nov 02

Shame Hurts

By Nikki Zaleski — Scared Straight Last spring, a school program provider looking to hire peer educators to lead sex education workshops for her students asked if the youth facilitators I worked with were effective at “Scaring kids straight.” When I explained that the organization I work with avoids using shame and fear tactics in our workshops, the program […]

AgainstEquality - image by Ryan Conrad
Aug 10

Occupying Gay Rights: Against Equality and the Neoliberal Project of “Equality”

By Karma Chávez, Ryan Conrad, and Yasmin Nair, for the radical queer collective Against Equality — Against Equality, a radical queer editorial collective, engages with a rich, dense queer history where queers and many allies fought for justice and against war, the confines of gender norms and marriage, and the prison industrial complex.

Jan 08

Sex in the Age of Environmental Disaster

By Jeff Edwards — One of the things that had to go when the City of Chicago decided it was time for the gentrification of Uptown to proceed full-speed was the man-on-man sex that has brought men together from across race and class lines for decades in the tall grasses along the North lakefront. The City first went about […]

On June 18th

By Amanda Torres — On June 18th, 2005, twenty teenagers from Young Chicago Authors (YCA) walked next door to face the “Axe Effect” ad erected not even a week after the YCA Mural , a series of nine huge panels created by the artist Chris Silva in partnership with community youth , was torn down by developers who are […]

Respect Is Due

By AREA Staff — RESPECT IS DUE – Youth Take a Stand against Street Harassment The Rogers Park Young Women’s Action Team (YWAT) has been working since 2003 to raise awareness about street harassment. The YWAT is a youth-led, adult-supported social change project that empowers young women under 21 years old to take action on issues that affect their […]

Solidarity and Its Fracturing in ACT-Up

By Debbie Gould — Lately Ive been thinking about the internal conflicts that exploded in the street aids activist movement, act up, and trying to make sense of the role they played in the demise of the movement in the early 1990s. The story is comple explore this topic in great detail in a book Im writing about aids […]

Awful Acts and the Trouble with Normal

By Erica Meiners — In my Canadian hometown, where my dad’s neighborhood store, Iron Mountain, still sells WD-40 next to the tampons, Clifford Olson “snatched up girls like you,” my principal Mr. Gayle told my best friend Carla Salvail and I. “He will capture you and then…” Olson permeated the spring and summer of 1981. School assemblies lectured us […]

Mark and Michael

By Mark Shipley — Mark Shipley, 27, and Michael Thompson, 60, met in Chicago in 2003, and both participate in the Chicago Honey Co-op. Begun by Michael Thompson and others, the co-op raises honey bees and other food plants and crops on the west side of Chicago. After hearing about the AREA issue theme, Michael and Mark decided to […]