Urban Foraging

Early- to mid-spring is a time of intense stimulation. The earth is wet and muddy and seeds and animals are emerging. Our bodies need to let our internal rivers move too. A lot of the naturalized plants (aka weeds) in this city are really good for our digestive organs. Here’s a simple recipe to get our inner juices going.


1.On or around a new moon go to a place with healthy soil and dandelions.

2.Thank the dandelions and gently remove them from the soil, digging deeply to extract roots completely.

3.Brush and rub soil off the roots but do not wash. (Healthy soil has minerals—yum!) The rest of the plant can be part of the tincture or you can remove.

4.Put dandelion roots in a small jar and pour in clean spirits like vodka or untainted brandy (or some homemade brew) and top off until roots are completely submerged.

5.Wait 6 weeks or more (at least two full moons) and strain out dandelion.  Put dandelion in the compost. The tincture is ready. Take a small amount in water or red clover tea several times a day to help your liver.